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Five miraculous tips to avoid flat feet

Posted by atreyee on April 4, 2010

Who doesn’t like wearing those stunning stilettos and making a unique style statement altogether? But for those who suffer from flat feet, situations are a lot more different. With recent researches being carried out in different parts of the globe, people have come across several ways by which they can avoid flat feet. Here are some useful tips for you:

Compromising on high heels – This is an absolute must. If at all, you feel the urge of showing your long and slender legs, then go for box heels rather than pointed ones.

Try different shoes on alternate days – This provides some relief to your wretched feet. You also get to see which shoes fit you the best and provide you utmost comfort. Changing shoes on alternate days also keeps your taste bud fresh and relived you of the persistent foot ache you have been suffering from several days at a stretch.

Better not aim for self-treatment – Self-treatment works well in case of minor health issues but when you are suffering from something like flat feet, it is better to opt for professional medical advice.

Open shoes form better solutions – Wearing open shoes can be like breathing fresh air altogether. More often than not, cramped shoes restrict your feet from breathing properly. On the contrary, open shoes provide sufficient space for your feet to breathe.

Don’t change your podiatrist frequently – You will be better off if you don’t change your podiatrist frequently. Your regular podiatrist would have gained sufficient information after checking out on your feet several times. Frequent chances may lead to wrong diagnosis and therefore cause you to suffer more.


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12 Must Follow Blogging Tips for Beginners – Try Them Now

Posted by atreyee on December 30, 2009

Owning a blog is not enough to establish yourself as a blogger. You must work hard to make a mark. Here are some tips that will help you know what you should exactly do to establish yourself as a successful blogger…Know more

Are you a newcomer in the field of blogging? Or you have been blogging for quite sometime? In both cases, you may have some definite plans. Either your aim is to make money or gain recognition as a terrific writer. Well, blogging gives you all the liberty to satisfy your creative urge and at the same time rake in some good cash.

1.      Have the right aptitude to learn anything related to blogging. This will be your first step to success. 

2.      Become proficient with almost every blogging terminology

3.      Get a blogging platform for yourself as it will help you store your blog and make regular posts. You may try out free platforms like WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, and so on. The best part about WordPress is that it also allows you to have your own domain and website and you may as well host the site yourself. 

4.      Choose a niche about which you share a keen interest and can freely write on it. The content should reflect natural enthusiasm rather than forced desire. 

5.      If it’s your personal blog, you may post articles that depict your personal moments of joy or blue with your readers. You can also make it a library of information by submitting posts on various niches. Giving the readers a scope to comment or advice is a good way to increase traffic and make them participate in your blog. 

6.      If it’s a professional blog and you are advertising some kind of product or service, give it a professional look and pump in as much information as possible. By doing this, you will easily be able to enlighten your readers and make them interested in your products or services. 

7.      If you want to rake in a good sum from your blog, expose it to as many people you can. More head counts = More traffic = More revenue

8.      Advertise your blog on the social networking sites like, FaceBook, Twitter, Digg, Orkut, and many others. 

9.  You may also choose to do a bit of article marketing. You can write articles and submit them to various ezine directories. Ask the readers to visit your blog for more information on the subject. 

10.  Label your blog appropriately. The name should match your niche. For instance, if you are writing about dog care, you may name the blog as rather than 

11.  When you submit a new post, email the link to your friends and relatives. You may also share the links with your colleagues and request them to comment on the posts.Follow these tips diligently and within a short time you will see yourself turn into a successful blogger.

 Happy Blogging!

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Top 10 Blogging Facts I Have Learnt in The Year 2009

Posted by atreyee on December 30, 2009

Though I am a newbie in the blogging world, I have picked up some rock solid facts throughout this year. I would like to share them with you so that you can work upon them and live a successful 2010 like me…

I have been blogging for quite sometime now but I still feel there is a lot more that I can learn through this online medium. In the due course of time, I have also made a couple of friends across the globe and their advices and suggestions have made me grow from a novice to a pro-blogger.

So as I am preparing myself to welcome 2010, I wish to make a quick list of all the tips that I manage to accumulate in my kitty in 2009. I am just not sure whether it will benefit all the bloggers out there. But surely it is going to be a great learning curve for the newbie bloggers. They will feel excited about the prospects that the blogging medium can fetch them. So let’s catch up with some of the best ones:

1.      Choose any of the free blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, and so on are indeed great ways of starting your blog. Also choosing the right hosting provider is an absolute must.

2.      If you select a long domain name, make sure each word is separated by a dash.

3.      Always aim to be an expert on the niche you chose to write.

4.      Make sure about what you write. It’s always better to be accountable. In that way, your readers can always confide on you.

5.      You must not focus on writing for readers alone, or for that matter, search engines. Writing for both will get you the desired exposure to carve a niche for yourself in the freelance writing industry. People will come to know that you are a great writer and at the same time, they will also invest their money on your service offerings.

6.      The design of your blog matters. Whoever said that ‘first impression counts’ was right- It does big time. When people click on your link, the first thing that catches their attention is the look and feel of the blog. If they take a fancy upon it, only then they proceed to read the content.

7.      A ‘Contact Me’ page is a must have for your blog. After reading your posts, people may like to get in touch with you either for some advices, suggestions, or business. This page makes their work easier.

8.      Check your blog statistics more than often and work to improve on it. Don’t think that people will find their way to your blog by themselves. You will have to take the necessary efforts to reach to the people and make them aware that you have a blog, through which you want to share your opinions and views with the world.

9.    If you are not yet a member of any social networking site, then you are definitely missing out on something important. Sites like Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, FaceBook (apologise for not being able to mention all) give you a golden opportunity to interact with other members of the blogging community. You may share your stuff with them and talk on the latest happenings in the blogging world. Not only that, if they like your stuff, you can be assured that you will have a loyal fan base throughout your life.

10.  Last but not the least; patience and determination are the key to success. Don’t think that miracles will happen overnight. It takes time but pays off really well in the end.

Wish you all a Happy 2010!

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Best Pay To Click (PTC) site – $0.75 per click

Posted by atreyee on December 5, 2009

Pay to click sites are often very popular among the internet marketers, online researchers, and such other groups. Now what makes them popular is the payout check. And who doesn’t want to make fast money?

All this while, you may have tried out sites that pay a low amount for clicking on their products or services. Unbelievable but true, here comes the highest paying pay to click site REALCASHPTC.  When registering onto other sites gives you a meager $0.01 to $0.05 per click, this site credits your account with a whopping $0.75 per click. The amazing part about this site is its payout scale. A simple Lower Nursery kid can churn out the calculation that you don’t need more than 2 clicks to reach out your minimum payout, which is fixed at $1. Register now to get your pay check soon

If that’s not all, you can advertise your products or services out here with three forms of advertising:

Advanced Advertising – With this form of advertising, you can add filters, such as the geographic locations for which your products are aimed at. For instance, you don’t want people from a non-English speaking country as your target audience, you can easily filter them out through this process. However, you need to have a account to use this feature. Get your account now

Standard Advertising – Don’t want the hassles of creating an account with No issues at all… You can still use the standard form of advertising to promote your products or services to a far-reaching audience. Here, you may take notice that the statistics are limited only to the number of clicks that your product fetches you.

Banner Advertising – Colorful banners with striking messages is what forms a part of banner advertising at Here again, you need to have an account to use this feature. Get your account now

Register or Advertise – the choice is yours. Whatever be it, you are guaranteed to write the road to success!!!

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Dog friendly vacation spots

Posted by atreyee on August 31, 2009

Brown furs, wet nose, wagging tail…your beloved pet dog waits at your doorstep every day to welcome you home from work. Such is the faithfulness of these beloved creatures that our hearts melts when we see them happy. Unfortunately, when you take a break from the regular chores of your life and seek to find solace in a place where you want only your near ones to be around, most of the places have reservations about keeping dogs. Then why not seek for dog friendly vacation spots? In fact, what makes these dog vacation spots so special?

The vacations spots for dogs have all the arrangements to make your pet have a gala time with you over the weekends or during the vacations. The dining options come in plenty in these spots and see your pet bubble with joy every time he takes a bite of that delicious chicken platter. There are more to these places than just meet the eyes. Some offer acres of plush land for you and your dog to enjoy various games while others offer shopping zones where you can pick up interesting stuffs for your dog, like a woolen jacket, or a leather belt, even a gold bell, or a nice cap.

So why wait any longer? Get your dog more than just a piece of bone this year. Take your pet on a dog-friendly vacation spot for a week or even longer.  

Click here to know about the Top 10 vacation spots for your dogs

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What’s happening on World Environment Day 2009?

Posted by atreyee on June 3, 2009

In Stockholm Conference, 1972, the question of pollution and environmental issues was first put vividly. Since then, UN globally designated 5th June as World Environment Day (WED) globally by UN. This is the day when the environment experts meet at a center and help plan for natural problems. This sketches out World Environment Day history.

Relevant topics over the years

Deforestation, Ozone hole, Haley’s comet, and Nuke pollution are some of the topics keenly discussed over the years. Of late, the matter of global warming has gained grounds. World Environment Day 2009 is all about debating on how to handle environment concerns with compassion. There will also be talk on ‘unity of community’. One and all will have to take positive environmental measures. The emphasis will be on fostering partnerships.  

Environment theme

The World Environment day theme 2009 is – “Your Planet Needs You-UNite to Combat Climate Change”. Notice the play with the word ‘UNite’, clearly demarcating that UN is serious about making the planet a beautiful place.

There will be widespread World Environment Day activities around the world.  Egypt’s slogan is simple and compact – ‘Green is good’. In Australia and UK, places where pollution is on the rise, trees will be planted alongside many houses. Students all over have been encouraged to actively participate in making the planet green.


Eminent environmentalists will be awarded for their continual brilliant work. There will be discussions on making global warming common knowledge. But it remains to be seen whether World Environment Day celebrations will hold out positive news for future.

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Smart ways to build your appetite

Posted by atreyee on June 3, 2009

It has been exclaimed by the wise time and again, “Food is the gateway to a man’s heart”. Nowadays women are also gearing up to find that good that will not only satiate their appetite but also let them have an hour-glass figure. However, often the work stress and other concerns make some individuals lose their appetite over time. If you are one among those individuals that do not feel hungry for a considerable span of time, then it’s time for you to build your appetite. Let’s have a glance through some of the smart ways to build your appetite:

• Often over-indulging lets you feel uncomfortable. It’s better to divide your food palette into small portions and have them at regular intervals.
• If at some point of time you feel extremely hungry then have a complete meal at one shot.
• Try and avoid those food items, which give off unpleasant smells.
• Often it is seen that people who have completely lost their appetite seems to gain a fraction of it by having a glance through food that looks interesting. In that case, you may try and make your food look a bit alluring by adding attractive color or invigorating flavors to it.
• The atmosphere also matters a lot when you are having food. Make sure that the atmosphere is pleasant enough when you are taking your meals.

Last, but not the least, it’s completely in your hand how you want to build up your appetite. Whatever you do, keep this in mind that a healthy diet ensures a longer life.

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Deccan ensure adventures Ban (GALORE)

Posted by atreyee on May 25, 2009

The unthinkable happened as the last year’s wooden-spooners took each other in the IPL final match. Royal Challengers Bangalore and Deccan Chargers played the IPL final match 2009 like men possessed. It was only fitting that the IPL final went down to the wire. Deccan became the IPL final winner by 6 runs.

Set into bat in the IPL final, Deccan lost Gilchrist in the first over and seemed destined for a low score. But with periodic assaults by first Symonds and then Rohit gave them hope. The high point of the innings, however, was an ultra mature half- century by Gibbs who carried his bat. They ended at a decent 142/5.

Capacity crowd ushered in to watch the IPL final match live. Kallis’ early departure pegged them back as Bangalore expected fireworks from their openers. The guns however blazed with Roland Merwe going slam bang and hitting three sixes. He fell along with Manish but still at the end of the ultimate strategic break, Bangalore held sway. The IPL final live score showed 75 needed off 60 balls, Dravid and Taylor at the crease. Gilchrist had to make a plan fast.  

Symonds was his master plan taking two off successive deliveries and thereafter Bangalore succumbed. The moment Taylor was out, the balance changed, never to return. Utthappa tried late antics in vain and the IPL final score showed Bangalore at 136/9.

The scenic flair went on. Lights went out as shimmering fairies floated in the sky. Once the IPL final schedule of 3.5 hours finished, the night belonged to Eddie Grant, Akon and Katrina Kaif ensuring an amazing IPL closing ceremony.

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IPL 2 finale ready to mesmerize with its offer

Posted by atreyee on May 23, 2009

There are cynics and then there are those who beat them. Many who said cricket could not be married to showbiz have been smeared across their faces. IPL 2 finale has opened floodgates of celebrities to set forth an avalanche of entertainment. Viewers are all set to be awed by a flux of movie stars, stage performers and heavyweight politicians, come 24th of May.

To begin with, President Jacob Zuma will be tidying up with some big names of Indian political circus. Akon will be performing on his hit “Smack That” and he will have talented allies in Eddy Grant and Shivmani. Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Shilpa Shetty and Bipasha Basu will gyrate with Akshay Kumar in tow while Anil Kapoor, Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Rani Mukherjee and Juhi Chawla will adorn the stands.

The final promises to be a behemoth of cricketing action. Deccan is playing some phenomenal cricket, largely propelled by its genius opener Gilchrist. Bangalore and Chennai meet on 23rd to decide who meet Deccan in Finals. The semi-final promises to be a humdinger. Both teams have stalwarts in their ranks. While Hayden will be supported by Raina, Dhoni, Morkel, Oram and Murali, Kallis will get equal support in Dravid, Taylor, Kumble and fresh guns Kohli and Pandey.

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IPL semifinals

Posted by atreyee on May 22, 2009

The c ricket extravaganza involving international players called IPL has come to its knockout stages. Action is now down to two IPL semi finals. Going by the high standard of cricket during 56 league matches, IPL 2009 semifinals promise a lot.

The first IPL 2009 semi final is slated between the Delhi Daredevils and Deccan Chargers. The Delhi giants have topped the league with ease and seem to have a decisive edge over the Deccan team. Their dashing openers – Sehwag and Gambhir have finally come good just before the ipl 2009 semifinals, with exceptional support from Dilshan and AB. They have afforded resting McGrath and Vettori, both legendary bowlers, almost throughout the tour. But their fielding and complacency may bring their downfall in the IPL 2009 semi final. Deccan meanwhile has a power packed batting line up with Gilchrist, Gibbs and Symonds. They also have a scintilla in Rohit Sharma, who can do wonders in the end overs. But their bowlers, irrespective of the purple cap holder RP, are not the stuff for IPL semi final 2009. The first IPL semifinal may see a glutton of runs and a cracker of a match.

The second IPL semi final will be between Chennai and Bangalore, both very consistent in all departments. While Bangalore has Kallis and Dravid, Chennai has Raina and Dhoni. Hayden meets Taylor stroke to stroke in aggression. Even bowling is astonishingly equal with Kumble locking horns against Murali. It is purely the case of outdoes whom on the day of the 2nd IPL semi final 2009.

IPL semifinals will be chilling in the chilly Kingsmead, Durban.

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