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Jesus in India: Is it true?

Posted by atreyee on December 23, 2008

Jesus in India is a documentary that was premiered on the Sundance channel on Monday, 22nd December, 2008. Jesus in India features Edward T. Martin, who is an author of repute hailing from the land of Texas. He shares a deep interest in the life of Jesus Christ and has framed two books on the subject, namely, King of Travelers: Jesus’ Lost Years in India and Jesus in India: King of Wisdom. The documentary further describes Martin’s journey through the Asian continent with an intense attempt to discover the truth about Christ’s assumed halt in India.


Jesus in India is also prone to a lot of criticism as it stresses on the idea that the teachings of Christ is somewhat based on Buddhism and/or Hinduism. For an ardent believer of Christianity it is hard to dissolve that Jesus, being the son of God would travel to India for the purpose of learning rather than teaching.


Then, what is Jesus in India all about?


jesus11Holster Kersten’s book, ‘Jesus Lived in India’ offers nerve-racking evidence on the fact that Christ lived in India after Crucifixion. The author goes on to describe in his book that Christ traveled extensively post Crucifixion and arrived in India with Mother Mary and it is in Kashmir that his death and entombment took place.


A scholar from Russia, Nicolai Notovich was the first one to suggest that Christ may have lived in India. He further emphasizes on this fact by giving a brief account on his travel to India. During one of the several journeys to the Orient, Notovich arrived in Kashmir and stayed as a guest in one of the Buddhist monasteries. It is here, a monk told him about the bodhisattva saint called Issa. During the course of time, the scholar was amazed to find remarkable resemblance between the teachings and martyrdom of Issa with that of the life, teachings and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. He also claimed that Christ traveled throughout Persia, Turkey, and Western Europe. His final destination was India where he was venerated as a great prophet, saint and reformer by an appreciative population who took deep interest in his teachings. He also took his last breath in the divine land and was buried in a tomb out there.


Feel free to share your views and opinions.


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Best Christmas greeting cards sites

Posted by atreyee on December 22, 2008


Christmas is one such global festival, which successfully brings together rich and poor alike to indulge in a joyous mood. The popularity of Christmas worldwide has consequently increased the demand for Christmas greeting cards. Be it handcrafted or machine-made, Christmas greeting cards are always adorned with the brightest of accessories.


The best Christmas greetings cards sites offer a unique collection of free Christmas e-cards which will let you share the fun and frolic of this occasion with you near and dear ones. You can choose your pick from the animated Christmas cards or just opt for the simplest of the lot with a warm message. Along with free Christmas cards, you can also gift your special ones with Christmas surprise gifts, Christmas recipes, Christmas toys, and much more.


All the Christmas cards are designed to perfection and make you have a lasting impression in the minds of your families and friends. Some of the Christmas greeting cards sites even allow you to customize the card according to your creative taste and preferences. If you do not like the free offerings, you can even chose to buy Christmas greeting cards online.


So wait no more and amplify your Christmas celebrations with free Christmas cards from the best Christmas greeting cards sites:


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‘Sock and Awe!’ game – Indeed a Bush-y inspiration

Posted by atreyee on December 22, 2008


The recent Bush incident, where Muntadar-Al-Zeidi of Iraq threw both his shoes at George Bush in a press conference a few days ago, has not only created a political upheaval but also led a flash expert to develop a funny game called ‘Sock and Awe’.


The objective of the ‘Sock and Awe’ game is to hit President Bush in the face with your shoes. The game is even simpler to play, than it is to describe. Just log into the site and click the Click to Play zone. Now get onto action by targeting as many hits as possible. For those who share a deep hatred towards Mr. President can now satiate their grudge by shoeing Bush from the comfort of their home.   


Finding it hard to believe? Get ready with your shoes and click here. Make sure you hit on the target as fast as you can, as you have only 30 seconds before the service takes you down. After settling down with a good score invite your friends or colleagues to compete with you.


The ‘Sock and Awe’ game website also lists the ‘Top 25 Bush-Shoeing Countries. And guess who tops the list? Well, it is none other than United States. France and Australia secures the 2nd and 3rd rank respectively. If you are eager to make your country proud then hit it right now. Remember, deeper the hatred, the more chance you stand to win. How often do we actually stand a chance to hit the corrupt political leaders? Rarely! So make the most of it right now.


A piece of advice: Share your score (alongwith your Name) in the comment box below and let the next person take on the challenge!


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Calamity strikes with Denver plane crash on Saturday night

Posted by atreyee on December 21, 2008


A continental plane crash at Denver airport on Saturday night at around 6:20 pm (local time) grabs the top spot on Denver news today. As many as 38 people were reported to be injured, though the exact figure has not yet been known.


Soon after the plane took off from the Denver airport runway, it caught fire. A large number of passengers were trapped in the plane crash, out of which 100 individuals were believed to evacuate on emergency slides. The only relief in this case according to Denver International Airport manager Kim Day, “None of the injuries was considered life-threatening.”


Laura Brown, a Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman claimed that the plane was a Boeing 737 and was heading towards Houston. The cause of Denver crash is yet to be known by one and all, however the spokeswoman further claimed, “The weather was cold but not snowy; roads to the airport were dry.”  According to Corsaro, the plane seems to have slid into a ditch and caught fire soon after the plane crashed. Some even blamed the Denver plane crash on weather, while others chose to defend the statement claiming that the roads were dry.


We sincerely hope that the Almighty bless those harmed in the Denver plane crash with speedy recoveries!



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Flip real estate to swell up your bank balance

Posted by atreyee on December 19, 2008


In the contemporary times ‘flip real estate’ is a common phrase doing its rounds in the real estate market. For commoners, the term is equivalent to an alien language. For those who are used to the tricks of the trade, real estate flipping for them is an easy way to make money.


Let us first go through a simpler definition of real estate flipping. Flipping real estate is simply stepping into the middle of a real estate transaction. You buy a property at a certain price and then sell it at a higher price. The difference is the profit that you make out of the deal.


Before jumping to the conclusion that flipping real estate is all about easy cash, make sure you are aware of some tricks of the trade. First of all, you must gain a deep insight of the real estate market trends. Secondly, your instincts would play a major role in striking the best deal, because it is only you who should be aware of your affordability and capacity. Each and every experience of real estate flipping would make you wiser in the due course of time.


Trust on these tips and you are sure to get enlightened on how to flip real estate successfully.  


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Innovative ideas for a happy weekend

Posted by atreyee on December 18, 2008

Quick weekend getaway: Surprise your partner by inviting his/her friends and heading off for a quick weekend getaway. Don’t worry too much about the place. It’s the soul that matters more than the place. If you experience that extra romantic spark igniting within you, then step a bit ahead and present yourself as a dessert package with a simple bouquet (try out something other than those traditional rose bouquet; orchid can be a good option) and 2-3 verses of a mutually favorite song (believe me, it works even better than a live Britney or Enrique concert).


Have you been longing to have a great weekend with your partner since ages?  Why don’t you rack your brains for a creative breakthrough? Well, it’s of no use now as weekend is just round the corner. Instead try out these simple tricks below and have a happy weekend for sure.

Bottle message: Now for those who are wondering what on earth this is, it is even simpler than you can imagine. Choose a wide necked bottle and fill half of it with a favorite drink of your partner’s choice and then explore a bit of the creative edge within you. Either you can tie a bow around the neck of the bottle and attach a lovely message in the ribbon or you can serve the bottle on a plate decorated with flower petals, along with a heart-shaped message hanging from the cork.


Choco-fantasy session: You do not always need a reason to run a knife through your favorite chocolate pool. Simply get your favorite flavor with a ‘Happy Weekend’ message and indulge in some ‘creamylicious’ moments.

Big-day bash: If it’s your beau’s birthday or your marriage anniversary, be prepared to shell out quite a lump sum. These are the most precious tags that would sparkle throughout your memory album forever. You can arrange for a family get-together and make sure that every member has something to say or enact. If you want it to be a cozy affair, then you can take your partner out for a movie and surprise him/her with a birthday or anniversary message on the screen before the movie begins, or at the interval.

Have a great weekend ahead!

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