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Calamity strikes with Denver plane crash on Saturday night

Posted by atreyee on December 21, 2008


A continental plane crash at Denver airport on Saturday night at around 6:20 pm (local time) grabs the top spot on Denver news today. As many as 38 people were reported to be injured, though the exact figure has not yet been known.


Soon after the plane took off from the Denver airport runway, it caught fire. A large number of passengers were trapped in the plane crash, out of which 100 individuals were believed to evacuate on emergency slides. The only relief in this case according to Denver International Airport manager Kim Day, “None of the injuries was considered life-threatening.”


Laura Brown, a Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman claimed that the plane was a Boeing 737 and was heading towards Houston. The cause of Denver crash is yet to be known by one and all, however the spokeswoman further claimed, “The weather was cold but not snowy; roads to the airport were dry.”  According to Corsaro, the plane seems to have slid into a ditch and caught fire soon after the plane crashed. Some even blamed the Denver plane crash on weather, while others chose to defend the statement claiming that the roads were dry.


We sincerely hope that the Almighty bless those harmed in the Denver plane crash with speedy recoveries!




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