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Jesus in India: Is it true?

Posted by atreyee on December 23, 2008

Jesus in India is a documentary that was premiered on the Sundance channel on Monday, 22nd December, 2008. Jesus in India features Edward T. Martin, who is an author of repute hailing from the land of Texas. He shares a deep interest in the life of Jesus Christ and has framed two books on the subject, namely, King of Travelers: Jesus’ Lost Years in India and Jesus in India: King of Wisdom. The documentary further describes Martin’s journey through the Asian continent with an intense attempt to discover the truth about Christ’s assumed halt in India.


Jesus in India is also prone to a lot of criticism as it stresses on the idea that the teachings of Christ is somewhat based on Buddhism and/or Hinduism. For an ardent believer of Christianity it is hard to dissolve that Jesus, being the son of God would travel to India for the purpose of learning rather than teaching.


Then, what is Jesus in India all about?


jesus11Holster Kersten’s book, ‘Jesus Lived in India’ offers nerve-racking evidence on the fact that Christ lived in India after Crucifixion. The author goes on to describe in his book that Christ traveled extensively post Crucifixion and arrived in India with Mother Mary and it is in Kashmir that his death and entombment took place.


A scholar from Russia, Nicolai Notovich was the first one to suggest that Christ may have lived in India. He further emphasizes on this fact by giving a brief account on his travel to India. During one of the several journeys to the Orient, Notovich arrived in Kashmir and stayed as a guest in one of the Buddhist monasteries. It is here, a monk told him about the bodhisattva saint called Issa. During the course of time, the scholar was amazed to find remarkable resemblance between the teachings and martyrdom of Issa with that of the life, teachings and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. He also claimed that Christ traveled throughout Persia, Turkey, and Western Europe. His final destination was India where he was venerated as a great prophet, saint and reformer by an appreciative population who took deep interest in his teachings. He also took his last breath in the divine land and was buried in a tomb out there.


Feel free to share your views and opinions.


3 Responses to “Jesus in India: Is it true?”

  1. Yogesh said

    Hey even i had read this sometime back and its true! Kashmir was the final destination…just to add to it. It is also said that Lord Ganesha was reborn as Christ.

  2. Loving you Jesus, I love you, Thankyou for loving me first.

    to Jesus Christ from a b.i.t.h.s.

    peace prosperity joy to you and me.

    Jesus Christ, God, I love you.

  3. Sam said

    Ya it is true.i love jesus christ very much.He is the only living God in this world.

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