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Nach Baliye 4 winner – Dancing their way to glory’s path

Posted by atreyee on February 1, 2009



Shaleen and Daljeet, a sheer case of reversed nomenclature, backed the Nach Baliye 4 title amidst sweeping hysteria caused due to the presence of King Khan himself. Nach Baliye 4 grand finale has ably metamorphosed into a TRP giant.


In fact, for the purpose of sustaining its TRP strength, Nach Baliye 4 brings weird alterations and at times illogical presentations (read into the fainting of Reshmi Ghosh). To come back, the day certainly belonged to the very charming and chocolaty duo of Shaleen and Daljeet. They edged past Naman and Megha.


The eventual winners of Nach Baliye 4 lapped up a prize of 50 lac rupees apart from a shining four-wheeler. Many feel that the coveted Nach Baliye 4 winner trophy has been given to the most deserving “Jodi”. In fact, the couple is being recognized as a trend-setter and bench marker layer up till the very middle part of the entire show.


People would couch how Shaleen simply broke the barriers of dance and transcended all boundaries in his charismatic impersonation of Hrithik’s “Baawre”. This probably made the final difference as the voting lines closed after the performance. The last week has been full of melodrama with the top two couples dealing in verbal barbs and banter sometimes going decidedly overboard. Having said this, this might as well have been some TRP strategy.


The central focus of Nach Baliye 4 finale was undoubtedly King Khan and he inadvertently overshadowed the gorgeous Lara Dutta who claimed to have overtaken Shahrukh to the dance fest.



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