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Dancing with the stars season 8: Blazing a remarkable trail

Posted by atreyee on February 9, 2009


At 8 PM eastern time on March 9th, Dancing with the Stars Season 8 will premiere. The two-hour premiere will showcase 13 celebrities who will be making their presence felt this summer. Rumor mills are working overtime on who may be there in the list. Dancing with the Stars new cast may confirm of names like Kevin Federline, Cindy McCain and Sherry Shepherd.


For the uninitiated, Brooke Burke and Derek Hough have lapped the coveted crown in the 7th season of Dancing with the Stars. It had been some real fun with the celebrities strutting their stuff in a no-holds-barred way. This time, Misty May-Treanor is grabbing all the news.


Dancing with the stars 2009 will again bring to the fore the mercurial talents of Misty. She was doing extremely well till she got ominously hurt last season and had to call it quits. Speculations are rife that she will be making the cut once again this season.


Unofficial polls suggest that Ralph Macchio is the contestant most people are looking for.


As for the judges, a name that’s doing the rounds is Carrie Ann Alba. She might be taking the coveted position for Dancing with the Stars Season 8. She is an accomplished dancer and a muchsought-after choreographer in the industry.


Macy’s Stars of Dance is yet another climactic feature that’s bound to raise a lot of zeal. It features the top dancers and choreographers of the present and past generation.


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