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Make your Valentines Day special

Posted by atreyee on February 9, 2009


Unlucky are those who are hit by the cupid bug in March, because for them, the ultimate day of expression, the Valentines Day, is almost a year away. Ah! Anyways, let’s concentrate on the present for now. It’s the sweet time of Valentines Day once again and the fragrance in the air is diffused with the scent of burning hearts. It’s a special day for those in love. Let’s take a synoptic view of a few doable which can make your valentine message special.


Short-city breaks – If budget is not a constraint, or at any rate, you have pursed up some moolah for the day, then you can go on a Short City Break. We will all vouch how a nice, virgin ambience makes us say things we had ourselves not conceived of and a lot of that turns out to be really pleasant. Think of jet-skiing on the Barbados beach or a cuddled up ride on Venetian gondola or just sometime together at place proximal to your home. The idea is peace and a conducive ambience.


A dinner for the belly and the heart – Valentines Day dinner calls for romantic ambience which is flushed with the theme of love. Add gastronomic delights served intermittently. Good food and a romantic aura pack quite a valentine punch together. It need not be a candle-light thing but remember not to cluster too many things. Easy flowing emotions with equally easy-flowing food and a touch of inebriation in form of soft sherry or champagne; you can’t get it better.


Say it with the magic of flowers – Valentines Day bouquets coupled with Valentines day greeting cards or Valentine shayari might not be the costliest things materially but their reach into the human heart is redoubtable. Say it with the rose and lilies, bougainvilleas and orchids and perhaps you will say them perfectly.  Not without anything is flower held synonymous with love itself.


The Valentines Day gift ideas also depend a lot on the inclination of your partner. An intellectual companion might be delighted with a creative poem, a self-created Valentine card (complimented well with love letters and love quotes) or a well-expressed Valentine message while the chirpy little doodles might wish for something along the gadget, gizmo or attire line. Soft toys still rule a lady’s heart and if you have the financial gumption then you can’t still beat a diamond. Time can’t whither the statement” Diamonds are forever”.


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2 Responses to “Make your Valentines Day special”

  1. Jimmy said

    for loved ones living away a phone call means a lot more and for cost consideration i have tried jajah and a rather nifty service vopium too… see if you find them of any use

  2. TomIdeptix said

    Hola , Happy Valentines Day!

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