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One Tree Hill final season: culmination looms large

Posted by atreyee on March 31, 2009

Is One Tree Hill ending or is One Tree Hill coming back for a 7th season? These are the questions perched on every lip. One of the favorite serials to have donned the television avatar, One Tree Hill will close for this season on 16th May.


Many are already planning a mass uprising for reinstating the serial if its producers wish to put shutter on it. One Tree Hill series finale will put lots of doubts away. Already the build up is ceremonious and it bends towards “series end” rather than “season end”. Afterlife characters coming to join in a life-death circus suggest that One Tree Hill cast might not see camera lights again.


Many are cocksure that this is going to be One Tree Hill last season yet rumors are also doing rounds that One Tree Hill will be back by January 2010 and the serial will leap ahead by four years and skip college for adult life. If that happens, One Tree Hill season 7 may not be received with the same vigor.


One Tree Hill ending this way would be rather sad as the characters still have a lot to offer. We are not tired of Chad, Hilarie, Sophia or James yet. Are we?




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Gudi padwa 2009 – Heralding a new beginning

Posted by atreyee on March 26, 2009

What’s celebrated with aplomb as Ugadi in Deccan is treated with great affection in Maharashtra too… Here it is known as Gudi padwa. The gudi padwa festival marks the commencement of New Year according to the Hindu lunisolar calendar. Gudi padwa, Maharashtra is a celebration of harvest, knowledge, fragrance and well-being.


The wave of gudi padwa 2009 has started. Gudi padwa greetings and gudi padwa wallpapers are already afloat. Maharashtrians are busy preparing for the gudi padwa ritual of creating bamboo staffs with silk cloth. The significance of gudi padwa is celebration of achievement and thus the people of Maharashtra add a garlanded goblet to the silk cloth to mark victory. The Hindu festival of gudi padwa is celebrated with gudi padwa recipes.


Top gudi padwa recipe is also a major “prasad”. It comprises of jaggery, neem and gram pulse. Already, people are beginning to imagine the essence of srikhand puri, which will be another top recipe for gudi padwa 2009.


Young people love the feeling of new attire, good food and holidays. Gudi padwa festival also marks the advent of school holidays.


The people from the Sahyadri hills are eagerly anticipating this Hindu festival. Let’s hope that this year too the festival is a super success.


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Ugadi 2009 – Welcoming another bountiful year

Posted by atreyee on March 26, 2009




The Saka calendar in India commences with the month of Chaitra and Ugadi marks the start of the New Year. It is known as Ugadi in the Deccan region and celebrated with aplomb in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.


Ugadi recipes pertaining to different tastes welcome the season of fragrance. Spring digs deep into our senses and the aroma of jasmine and the scent of mangoes titillate us. Ugadi Pachadi is an Ugadi recipe made from new Jaggery, Neem, Tamarind and Mango. This recipe also heralds a happy beginning for everyone.


People are busy in anticipation of Ugadi 2009. The shopping and cleaning has started. Ugadi greetings and Ugadi wallpapers have added to the significance of Ugadi festival. There is an air of pure delight and men, women and children have donned their best avatar for this giant Hindu festival of south India.


Even this year, the Ugadi ritual of tying doors with mango leaves will be followed in the south. Some forums for poetic recitations and intellectual discussions are also being created. Deccan is lively again with the sweet anticipation of Ugadi festival. Here is wishing Ugadi 2009 a grand success. Let harvest and knowledge prevail!


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Tata Nano launch triggers automobile revolution in India

Posted by atreyee on March 23, 2009

After much hue and cry, Tata Nano, the world’s cheapest car, gets launched finally on 23rd March, 2009. It is billed to give the lower middle class society good hope of owning a four wheeler.

Tata Nano price is a little more than 1, 00, 000 rupees, it gives significant mileage of 22 kmphs on city roads. The four-seat car will have a 623 cc engine and a torque of 48@42500 rpm; a standard which meets even middle budgeted cars.

The look is quite sleek and the fuel capacity of 30 liters (petrol) is quite sufficient. For accessories like air conditioner, there will be additional costs.

Ratan Tata, Chairman, Tata Motors launched Nano Europa in Geneva to get the car global recognition. The car has anyway been world news since its conception because of its unceremonious exit from Bengal. Dispute regarding farmer lands led to an almost legendary altercation between the political leaders there and the car makers had to shift their bags to Gujarat.

They say all is well that ends well and Nano, the world’s cheapest car may bring good luck again to the plunging fortunes of Tata Motors which has declared loss in billions for the last quarter. Production of the car has also taken some beating from the originally thought 2, 50, 000 to the current 50, 000. Nano bookings will be open from April 9 to 25 and the first owner will get to enjoy a ride in his car in July. The fact that there will be no price escalation on the first 1 lakh cars serves as the icing on the cake.

So are you ready to book your Nano for just 2,999?

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IPL 2009 may transcend Indian shores

Posted by atreyee on March 22, 2009

In the wake of  Lok Sabha elections and the fear induced by Lahore attack on the Sri Lankan team, Indian Premier League 2009 might shuffle venues and be held in another continent altogether. Till date, Lalit Modi has sounded doubly reassured about his capacity to handle this mega event. Lok sabha elections have not deterred him and he has gone unequivocally public in stating that general elections won’t jeopardize IPL tournament security.


But then the Lahore attack on Lankan willow-holders brought realistic fears of terrorists yet again attacking a hitherto untouched arena; sports. Barring the Munich Olympics, sports has so far been away from terrorist casualties.


BCCI president Shashank Manohar has pleaded with the Government to reschedule Lok Sabha elections but to no avail. Thus, in the light of mounting security fears, he has decided along with his dignified board members to shift the cricket battle-ground outside India. No venue is finalized yet but by Monday evening, Chairman and commissioner of IPL, Mr. Lalit Modi is most likely to come up with the venue name; at the moment, South African board has given its go ahead for hosting the mega event.


Last night, it was confirmed that South African private security agency Nicollos and Steyn Associates would be donning the mantle of IPL II security men. The idea was rebuffed as experts felt that an outside agency could hardly measure up to realistic comprehension of threats within Indian borders. With the venue likely to shift to RSA, N&S Associates get a strong fillip.


Notable in this regard is the fact that IPL II dates remain as they were and the gigantic event will expectedly unroll on 10th April and culminate on the 24th of May.


India or RSA: Here is wishing that the only guns which blaze belong to the cricket stalwarts. We are anticipating the Sehwag’s, Peterson’s, Lee’s and Mendis’s with bated breath.



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New iPod shuffle – A pint sized dynamite

Posted by atreyee on March 12, 2009


Steve Jobs might not be the healthiest man today but it has not affected Apple’s produce at all. The new iPod Shuffle is the latest thing from their yards and it’s quite impressive as well. It’s almost of the size of an AA battery and nearly half the size of the Apple iPod it has followed.



It is 15.6 grams heavy and 27.3 mm high. Including the clip, the thickness is only 10.5 mm. This makes it one of the slimmest iPod shuffle available. The design and appearance is elementary but the colors in which the anodized aluminum comes are really breathtaking. When the battery shows green, it means you are on fire. Amber means you have hit low charge, and red means the fuse might go off any moment.


Music library

New iPod shuffle with voiceover is a music library of sorts and it packs as much as a 1000 songs in one neat music folder. Also, you can play up till 10 hours of music without having to bother about a battery default. It has a strong 4 GB storage for the purpose. It’s the first talking shuffle. It has the play list recognition system which tells you all about the play list, singer’s name and the track in clear voice. The shuffle talks various languages and this includes the Dutch, English and the Chinese.


To sum it up

The voiceover facility with the Apple iPod shuffle is fast developing into a craze and it seems that the music library has really hit the green signals with the buyers.


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Forbes list 2009

Posted by atreyee on March 12, 2009

Global recession has taken a deep toll on the billionaire’s club. Liquidity crunch has seen the evaporation of nearly half the asset value of world’s richest people. Despite this, Forbes 2009 has neatly counted on the services of 793 billionaires and posted its Forbes 500. Forbes list has thrown in quite some surprises. 5 Taiwanese have been incorporated into the Forbes list 2009. Taiwanese business tycoon and the head of the Fubon group, Tsai-Wan-Tsai ranks at 183rd position while Tsai-Eng-Meng is put up on 246th position.

Bill Gates again tops the Forbes list online, just as he has done so many times in the past. His net worth is estimated at 40 billion US dollars. There are 332 lesser number of billionaires this year and we all know the reason. Here is hoping in this regard that recession doesn’t further stunt the performance of the richie-rich’s on the Forbes rich list.


In the fitness of things, Forbes titled its Forbes rich list as “Billionaire Bust” In fact, despite topping the Forbes 2009 list; Gates has himself lost to the tune of 18 billion dollars. His misery has been shadowed by the loss of Warren Buffet, who has lost some 25 billion dollars last year, according to Forbes.


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Space shuttle launch delayed

Posted by atreyee on March 12, 2009

When Kennedy space center is set alight for a space shuttle launch, the world simply looks at it with awe but it’s quite a spoiler when NASA delays such ambitious missions. It is widely believed that a fuel leak canceled the space shuttle launch. Space shuttle launch march 11 has been neatly procrastinated to no sooner than 15th of March.


Hours prior to the launch of Discovery, it was found out that Hydrogen gas was leaking from the space shuttle. Though NASA has suggested along the lines of trying a re-launch on Sunday, it seems that Discovery would not leave for space prior to Monday.


On being asked to comment, NASA officials said that they needed to complete the electrification system of the space shuttle before taking a chance with it. Discovery space shuttle launch schedule 2009 has already been delayed by a month owing to technical glitches here and there.


Discovery, when settled and thrown into space, will deliver its final set of truss and solar panel wings to the platform. Once the electrification is being done, the space shuttle crew will be augmented further and Discovery would accommodate 6 people. Presently, the crew is only limited to three people. and Nasa TV have suggested that the space shuttle launch would be a 14 day mission which would establish the S6 truss segment on the starboard. ISS crew rotation is seemingly another very important aspect of the launch and would alight Japan’s first resident crew member in space.



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Indulge in some magical moments at Walt Disney World

Posted by atreyee on March 12, 2009

Walt Disney World or Walt Disney World Resorts brings goose bumps to all of us and these are very pleasant goose bumps, believe us. All those who have found revelry in the atmosphere of various Theme Parks and Water Parks or those who have been intoxicated by the restaurants, recreation venues spread along this magic world will certainly know what we are talking about.

The children would reminisce with a lot of fondness, how the Cinderella’s fireworks or Mickey’s extended hands have shown them the way towards a fantasy, a magic spell they would love to be held in all their lives, come youth, come old age.

If you have a child you feed on lullabies and fairy fantasies, then Cinderella’s Breakfast is just the ideal thing for her. Yes, it would require some active pre-booking from your side but it would still be worth it, the pleasure of seeing your daughter being called a princess and also being treated like one.

Apart from this first Theme Park, the mesmerizing presence of Animal Kingdom, Hollywood studio and Epcot will completely buy you in. don’t miss “Living Sea” for the world. After all, you would find the Nemo there.

If the parents are wondering they have been given a raw deal, well! Hear the complete story out first. For all of you brooding over your children’s dream time, there are golf courses and real driveways to keep you busy. You can also hop on for some can-pole fishing. There certainly is an embarrassment of riches.

Deluxe villas and other high class accommodations would make you think if it’s all really a single vision being bombarded on your eye or a lot of pot-pourri bunched up together. Let us tell you, its one clean private property. Yes, it does give the feeling of being so all encompassing that you would hardly feel like going to any other fun place ever.

You say it and its there. Spread the word; populate your child’s imagination, the Blizzard Beaches and Typhoon Lagoons are waiting and also in line are the fairy tale bearers of the coming generation.


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Nokia 5730 – A multifarious ‘on the go’ gizmo

Posted by atreyee on March 12, 2009


Nokia knows what it does and it does not go wrong too often. Nokia’s latest gizmo 5730 has populated the imagination of masses. The reason is simple. The high-end thing beautifully combines music keys, mega pixel camera and a lot of features and facilities.





Nokia 5730 xpressmusic has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and an intuitive interface. Its menu board is very user friendly and the screen does provide for some quality graphics and videos. In fact, Nokia has pioneered the QWERTY set-up for a music-optimized phone with this model.


Home screen


This is the pulse of the gizmo. It contains a database of music (in fact the phone is a music library). On top of this, the home screen connects you to games, e-mails, calendars, and much more. Apart from a superb music experience, you can also connect with chat modules on this phone. With Ovi Contact, you can look for the friends who are then online and in fact, you can access the top social networking site Face Book via Nokia xpressmusic. Those who have the gaming fever on perpetually, well, N gage is never too far with Nokia 5730.


Highly functional camera


The camera is defined by very clear image movement and the pixels do not stretch at all. Also, the images are controlled well via a formidable lens that provides a color contrast worth remembering. The fast moving snaps are also very well taken and this adds to the well-laid out function of Nokia xpressmusic.

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