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Forbes list 2009

Posted by atreyee on March 12, 2009

Global recession has taken a deep toll on the billionaire’s club. Liquidity crunch has seen the evaporation of nearly half the asset value of world’s richest people. Despite this, Forbes 2009 has neatly counted on the services of 793 billionaires and posted its Forbes 500. Forbes list has thrown in quite some surprises. 5 Taiwanese have been incorporated into the Forbes list 2009. Taiwanese business tycoon and the head of the Fubon group, Tsai-Wan-Tsai ranks at 183rd position while Tsai-Eng-Meng is put up on 246th position.

Bill Gates again tops the Forbes list online, just as he has done so many times in the past. His net worth is estimated at 40 billion US dollars. There are 332 lesser number of billionaires this year and we all know the reason. Here is hoping in this regard that recession doesn’t further stunt the performance of the richie-rich’s on the Forbes rich list.


In the fitness of things, Forbes titled its Forbes rich list as “Billionaire Bust” In fact, despite topping the Forbes 2009 list; Gates has himself lost to the tune of 18 billion dollars. His misery has been shadowed by the loss of Warren Buffet, who has lost some 25 billion dollars last year, according to Forbes.



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