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Space shuttle launch delayed

Posted by atreyee on March 12, 2009

When Kennedy space center is set alight for a space shuttle launch, the world simply looks at it with awe but it’s quite a spoiler when NASA delays such ambitious missions. It is widely believed that a fuel leak canceled the space shuttle launch. Space shuttle launch march 11 has been neatly procrastinated to no sooner than 15th of March.


Hours prior to the launch of Discovery, it was found out that Hydrogen gas was leaking from the space shuttle. Though NASA has suggested along the lines of trying a re-launch on Sunday, it seems that Discovery would not leave for space prior to Monday.


On being asked to comment, NASA officials said that they needed to complete the electrification system of the space shuttle before taking a chance with it. Discovery space shuttle launch schedule 2009 has already been delayed by a month owing to technical glitches here and there.


Discovery, when settled and thrown into space, will deliver its final set of truss and solar panel wings to the platform. Once the electrification is being done, the space shuttle crew will be augmented further and Discovery would accommodate 6 people. Presently, the crew is only limited to three people. and Nasa TV have suggested that the space shuttle launch would be a 14 day mission which would establish the S6 truss segment on the starboard. ISS crew rotation is seemingly another very important aspect of the launch and would alight Japan’s first resident crew member in space.




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