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Ugadi 2009 – Welcoming another bountiful year

Posted by atreyee on March 26, 2009




The Saka calendar in India commences with the month of Chaitra and Ugadi marks the start of the New Year. It is known as Ugadi in the Deccan region and celebrated with aplomb in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.


Ugadi recipes pertaining to different tastes welcome the season of fragrance. Spring digs deep into our senses and the aroma of jasmine and the scent of mangoes titillate us. Ugadi Pachadi is an Ugadi recipe made from new Jaggery, Neem, Tamarind and Mango. This recipe also heralds a happy beginning for everyone.


People are busy in anticipation of Ugadi 2009. The shopping and cleaning has started. Ugadi greetings and Ugadi wallpapers have added to the significance of Ugadi festival. There is an air of pure delight and men, women and children have donned their best avatar for this giant Hindu festival of south India.


Even this year, the Ugadi ritual of tying doors with mango leaves will be followed in the south. Some forums for poetic recitations and intellectual discussions are also being created. Deccan is lively again with the sweet anticipation of Ugadi festival. Here is wishing Ugadi 2009 a grand success. Let harvest and knowledge prevail!



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