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One Tree Hill final season: culmination looms large

Posted by atreyee on March 31, 2009

Is One Tree Hill ending or is One Tree Hill coming back for a 7th season? These are the questions perched on every lip. One of the favorite serials to have donned the television avatar, One Tree Hill will close for this season on 16th May.


Many are already planning a mass uprising for reinstating the serial if its producers wish to put shutter on it. One Tree Hill series finale will put lots of doubts away. Already the build up is ceremonious and it bends towards “series end” rather than “season end”. Afterlife characters coming to join in a life-death circus suggest that One Tree Hill cast might not see camera lights again.


Many are cocksure that this is going to be One Tree Hill last season yet rumors are also doing rounds that One Tree Hill will be back by January 2010 and the serial will leap ahead by four years and skip college for adult life. If that happens, One Tree Hill season 7 may not be received with the same vigor.


One Tree Hill ending this way would be rather sad as the characters still have a lot to offer. We are not tired of Chad, Hilarie, Sophia or James yet. Are we?




12 Responses to “One Tree Hill final season: culmination looms large”

  1. Jay said

    No we’re not tired of them!!! I think they should absolutely continue it! I’ll be really pissed if they end it

  2. Ikam said

    NO!I LIVE for this show!

  3. Jazzi said

    I cant liVe wiThout waTching this shoW its my dReam life! I love it.

  4. I noticed that this is not the first time at all that you write about this topic. Why have you chosen it again?

  5. Hannah said

    They cant end this show!!!! i’d cry my eyes out if they did that!!!!

  6. Cheyenne said

    They cant close the show!!!!! thats what i love to watch on monday!!!!! i will be so angry if they dont keep it going and i will be really ticked off!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

  7. joanna said


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  10. Doggy said

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