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Dog friendly vacation spots

Posted by atreyee on August 31, 2009

Brown furs, wet nose, wagging tail…your beloved pet dog waits at your doorstep every day to welcome you home from work. Such is the faithfulness of these beloved creatures that our hearts melts when we see them happy. Unfortunately, when you take a break from the regular chores of your life and seek to find solace in a place where you want only your near ones to be around, most of the places have reservations about keeping dogs. Then why not seek for dog friendly vacation spots? In fact, what makes these dog vacation spots so special?

The vacations spots for dogs have all the arrangements to make your pet have a gala time with you over the weekends or during the vacations. The dining options come in plenty in these spots and see your pet bubble with joy every time he takes a bite of that delicious chicken platter. There are more to these places than just meet the eyes. Some offer acres of plush land for you and your dog to enjoy various games while others offer shopping zones where you can pick up interesting stuffs for your dog, like a woolen jacket, or a leather belt, even a gold bell, or a nice cap.

So why wait any longer? Get your dog more than just a piece of bone this year. Take your pet on a dog-friendly vacation spot for a week or even longer.  

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One Response to “Dog friendly vacation spots”

  1. sandysays1 said

    My human finds places he can go that i like. I’ve trained him well.

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