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12 Must Follow Blogging Tips for Beginners – Try Them Now

Posted by atreyee on December 30, 2009

Owning a blog is not enough to establish yourself as a blogger. You must work hard to make a mark. Here are some tips that will help you know what you should exactly do to establish yourself as a successful blogger…Know more

Are you a newcomer in the field of blogging? Or you have been blogging for quite sometime? In both cases, you may have some definite plans. Either your aim is to make money or gain recognition as a terrific writer. Well, blogging gives you all the liberty to satisfy your creative urge and at the same time rake in some good cash.

1.      Have the right aptitude to learn anything related to blogging. This will be your first step to success. 

2.      Become proficient with almost every blogging terminology

3.      Get a blogging platform for yourself as it will help you store your blog and make regular posts. You may try out free platforms like WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, and so on. The best part about WordPress is that it also allows you to have your own domain and website and you may as well host the site yourself. 

4.      Choose a niche about which you share a keen interest and can freely write on it. The content should reflect natural enthusiasm rather than forced desire. 

5.      If it’s your personal blog, you may post articles that depict your personal moments of joy or blue with your readers. You can also make it a library of information by submitting posts on various niches. Giving the readers a scope to comment or advice is a good way to increase traffic and make them participate in your blog. 

6.      If it’s a professional blog and you are advertising some kind of product or service, give it a professional look and pump in as much information as possible. By doing this, you will easily be able to enlighten your readers and make them interested in your products or services. 

7.      If you want to rake in a good sum from your blog, expose it to as many people you can. More head counts = More traffic = More revenue

8.      Advertise your blog on the social networking sites like, FaceBook, Twitter, Digg, Orkut, and many others. 

9.  You may also choose to do a bit of article marketing. You can write articles and submit them to various ezine directories. Ask the readers to visit your blog for more information on the subject. 

10.  Label your blog appropriately. The name should match your niche. For instance, if you are writing about dog care, you may name the blog as rather than 

11.  When you submit a new post, email the link to your friends and relatives. You may also share the links with your colleagues and request them to comment on the posts.Follow these tips diligently and within a short time you will see yourself turn into a successful blogger.

 Happy Blogging!


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