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Five miraculous tips to avoid flat feet

Posted by atreyee on April 4, 2010

Who doesn’t like wearing those stunning stilettos and making a unique style statement altogether? But for those who suffer from flat feet, situations are a lot more different. With recent researches being carried out in different parts of the globe, people have come across several ways by which they can avoid flat feet. Here are some useful tips for you:

Compromising on high heels – This is an absolute must. If at all, you feel the urge of showing your long and slender legs, then go for box heels rather than pointed ones.

Try different shoes on alternate days – This provides some relief to your wretched feet. You also get to see which shoes fit you the best and provide you utmost comfort. Changing shoes on alternate days also keeps your taste bud fresh and relived you of the persistent foot ache you have been suffering from several days at a stretch.

Better not aim for self-treatment – Self-treatment works well in case of minor health issues but when you are suffering from something like flat feet, it is better to opt for professional medical advice.

Open shoes form better solutions – Wearing open shoes can be like breathing fresh air altogether. More often than not, cramped shoes restrict your feet from breathing properly. On the contrary, open shoes provide sufficient space for your feet to breathe.

Don’t change your podiatrist frequently – You will be better off if you don’t change your podiatrist frequently. Your regular podiatrist would have gained sufficient information after checking out on your feet several times. Frequent chances may lead to wrong diagnosis and therefore cause you to suffer more.


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