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Smart ways to build your appetite

Posted by atreyee on June 3, 2009

It has been exclaimed by the wise time and again, “Food is the gateway to a man’s heart”. Nowadays women are also gearing up to find that good that will not only satiate their appetite but also let them have an hour-glass figure. However, often the work stress and other concerns make some individuals lose their appetite over time. If you are one among those individuals that do not feel hungry for a considerable span of time, then it’s time for you to build your appetite. Let’s have a glance through some of the smart ways to build your appetite:

• Often over-indulging lets you feel uncomfortable. It’s better to divide your food palette into small portions and have them at regular intervals.
• If at some point of time you feel extremely hungry then have a complete meal at one shot.
• Try and avoid those food items, which give off unpleasant smells.
• Often it is seen that people who have completely lost their appetite seems to gain a fraction of it by having a glance through food that looks interesting. In that case, you may try and make your food look a bit alluring by adding attractive color or invigorating flavors to it.
• The atmosphere also matters a lot when you are having food. Make sure that the atmosphere is pleasant enough when you are taking your meals.

Last, but not the least, it’s completely in your hand how you want to build up your appetite. Whatever you do, keep this in mind that a healthy diet ensures a longer life.


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Foods that increase metabolism

Posted by atreyee on April 10, 2009

Any person you come across nowadays is suffering from a persistent concern of losing weight. Be it opting for weight loss pills or calorie-cutting diets, people are spending hours on contemplating foods that increase metabolism. If you are one of them, it’s high time that you actually start following a healthy diet regimen.


But what exactly is this healthy diet regimen and how can they increase our metabolism rate? Foods that contain a high level of proteins and complex carbohydrates provide an instant boost to the metabolism rate. Often, we have heard of the proverb, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’… Fruits and vegetables, being high in fiber content provide an instant boost to our metabolism rate.


Some fruits and vegetables are even counted as negative-calorie foods. For those who aren’t aware, these negative-calorie foods uses up more calories to digest the food and helps in burning away those extra fats that have accumulated around your belly. If these negative-calorie foods are complemented well with a proper exercise program, then days are not far when you will actually find yourself to be the cynosure of any party with that perfect hourglass figure.


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