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Baisakhi 2009 – offering a humdrum of euphoria

Posted by atreyee on April 13, 2009

It is time for Baisakhi 2009 and the atmosphere is abuzz with a lot of frenzy. Once again, farmers all over Punjab are ready to harvest their crops and bathe in the delight of the occasion. Though Baisakhi (also known as Vaisakhi) is celebrated in many parts of northern India, its presence is strongest in Punjab.


Baisakhi 2009 finds itself in the digital age and thus the occasion is seeing to a lot of Baisakhi SMS flying from each corner. Baisakhi greetings are doing the rounds too. Not many of us know but there is still bigger importance of Baisakhi festival. The occasion is also used to commemorate the identification of Sikhs as a special group living by pre-determined sets of rules. The occasion relives this bond made with the secular country that India is. Its origins can be traced to ‘Khalsa Panth’ founded by Guru Govind Singh in 1699.


The sun enters Aries on the day of Baisakhi and thus the festival also marks the beginning of Solar Year. Just as the first rays of the sun touch the anticipating earth, many people in north India take a holy dip.


People across the lengths and breadths of northern India sing and dance and also have the best of Baisakhi recipes during this time. Baisakhi wishes are perched on each lip and even the enemies share “Happy Baisakhi” pleasantries.



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Gudi padwa 2009 – Heralding a new beginning

Posted by atreyee on March 26, 2009

What’s celebrated with aplomb as Ugadi in Deccan is treated with great affection in Maharashtra too… Here it is known as Gudi padwa. The gudi padwa festival marks the commencement of New Year according to the Hindu lunisolar calendar. Gudi padwa, Maharashtra is a celebration of harvest, knowledge, fragrance and well-being.


The wave of gudi padwa 2009 has started. Gudi padwa greetings and gudi padwa wallpapers are already afloat. Maharashtrians are busy preparing for the gudi padwa ritual of creating bamboo staffs with silk cloth. The significance of gudi padwa is celebration of achievement and thus the people of Maharashtra add a garlanded goblet to the silk cloth to mark victory. The Hindu festival of gudi padwa is celebrated with gudi padwa recipes.


Top gudi padwa recipe is also a major “prasad”. It comprises of jaggery, neem and gram pulse. Already, people are beginning to imagine the essence of srikhand puri, which will be another top recipe for gudi padwa 2009.


Young people love the feeling of new attire, good food and holidays. Gudi padwa festival also marks the advent of school holidays.


The people from the Sahyadri hills are eagerly anticipating this Hindu festival. Let’s hope that this year too the festival is a super success.


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Ugadi 2009 – Welcoming another bountiful year

Posted by atreyee on March 26, 2009




The Saka calendar in India commences with the month of Chaitra and Ugadi marks the start of the New Year. It is known as Ugadi in the Deccan region and celebrated with aplomb in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.


Ugadi recipes pertaining to different tastes welcome the season of fragrance. Spring digs deep into our senses and the aroma of jasmine and the scent of mangoes titillate us. Ugadi Pachadi is an Ugadi recipe made from new Jaggery, Neem, Tamarind and Mango. This recipe also heralds a happy beginning for everyone.


People are busy in anticipation of Ugadi 2009. The shopping and cleaning has started. Ugadi greetings and Ugadi wallpapers have added to the significance of Ugadi festival. There is an air of pure delight and men, women and children have donned their best avatar for this giant Hindu festival of south India.


Even this year, the Ugadi ritual of tying doors with mango leaves will be followed in the south. Some forums for poetic recitations and intellectual discussions are also being created. Deccan is lively again with the sweet anticipation of Ugadi festival. Here is wishing Ugadi 2009 a grand success. Let harvest and knowledge prevail!


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Best Christmas greeting cards sites

Posted by atreyee on December 22, 2008


Christmas is one such global festival, which successfully brings together rich and poor alike to indulge in a joyous mood. The popularity of Christmas worldwide has consequently increased the demand for Christmas greeting cards. Be it handcrafted or machine-made, Christmas greeting cards are always adorned with the brightest of accessories.


The best Christmas greetings cards sites offer a unique collection of free Christmas e-cards which will let you share the fun and frolic of this occasion with you near and dear ones. You can choose your pick from the animated Christmas cards or just opt for the simplest of the lot with a warm message. Along with free Christmas cards, you can also gift your special ones with Christmas surprise gifts, Christmas recipes, Christmas toys, and much more.


All the Christmas cards are designed to perfection and make you have a lasting impression in the minds of your families and friends. Some of the Christmas greeting cards sites even allow you to customize the card according to your creative taste and preferences. If you do not like the free offerings, you can even chose to buy Christmas greeting cards online.


So wait no more and amplify your Christmas celebrations with free Christmas cards from the best Christmas greeting cards sites:


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