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New iPod shuffle – A pint sized dynamite

Posted by atreyee on March 12, 2009


Steve Jobs might not be the healthiest man today but it has not affected Apple’s produce at all. The new iPod Shuffle is the latest thing from their yards and it’s quite impressive as well. It’s almost of the size of an AA battery and nearly half the size of the Apple iPod it has followed.



It is 15.6 grams heavy and 27.3 mm high. Including the clip, the thickness is only 10.5 mm. This makes it one of the slimmest iPod shuffle available. The design and appearance is elementary but the colors in which the anodized aluminum comes are really breathtaking. When the battery shows green, it means you are on fire. Amber means you have hit low charge, and red means the fuse might go off any moment.


Music library

New iPod shuffle with voiceover is a music library of sorts and it packs as much as a 1000 songs in one neat music folder. Also, you can play up till 10 hours of music without having to bother about a battery default. It has a strong 4 GB storage for the purpose. It’s the first talking shuffle. It has the play list recognition system which tells you all about the play list, singer’s name and the track in clear voice. The shuffle talks various languages and this includes the Dutch, English and the Chinese.


To sum it up

The voiceover facility with the Apple iPod shuffle is fast developing into a craze and it seems that the music library has really hit the green signals with the buyers.



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Nokia 5730 – A multifarious ‘on the go’ gizmo

Posted by atreyee on March 12, 2009


Nokia knows what it does and it does not go wrong too often. Nokia’s latest gizmo 5730 has populated the imagination of masses. The reason is simple. The high-end thing beautifully combines music keys, mega pixel camera and a lot of features and facilities.





Nokia 5730 xpressmusic has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and an intuitive interface. Its menu board is very user friendly and the screen does provide for some quality graphics and videos. In fact, Nokia has pioneered the QWERTY set-up for a music-optimized phone with this model.


Home screen


This is the pulse of the gizmo. It contains a database of music (in fact the phone is a music library). On top of this, the home screen connects you to games, e-mails, calendars, and much more. Apart from a superb music experience, you can also connect with chat modules on this phone. With Ovi Contact, you can look for the friends who are then online and in fact, you can access the top social networking site Face Book via Nokia xpressmusic. Those who have the gaming fever on perpetually, well, N gage is never too far with Nokia 5730.


Highly functional camera


The camera is defined by very clear image movement and the pixels do not stretch at all. Also, the images are controlled well via a formidable lens that provides a color contrast worth remembering. The fast moving snaps are also very well taken and this adds to the well-laid out function of Nokia xpressmusic.

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