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‘Sock and Awe!’ game – Indeed a Bush-y inspiration

Posted by atreyee on December 22, 2008


The recent Bush incident, where Muntadar-Al-Zeidi of Iraq threw both his shoes at George Bush in a press conference a few days ago, has not only created a political upheaval but also led a flash expert to develop a funny game called ‘Sock and Awe’.


The objective of the ‘Sock and Awe’ game is to hit President Bush in the face with your shoes. The game is even simpler to play, than it is to describe. Just log into the site and click the Click to Play zone. Now get onto action by targeting as many hits as possible. For those who share a deep hatred towards Mr. President can now satiate their grudge by shoeing Bush from the comfort of their home.   


Finding it hard to believe? Get ready with your shoes and click here. Make sure you hit on the target as fast as you can, as you have only 30 seconds before the service takes you down. After settling down with a good score invite your friends or colleagues to compete with you.


The ‘Sock and Awe’ game website also lists the ‘Top 25 Bush-Shoeing Countries. And guess who tops the list? Well, it is none other than United States. France and Australia secures the 2nd and 3rd rank respectively. If you are eager to make your country proud then hit it right now. Remember, deeper the hatred, the more chance you stand to win. How often do we actually stand a chance to hit the corrupt political leaders? Rarely! So make the most of it right now.


A piece of advice: Share your score (alongwith your Name) in the comment box below and let the next person take on the challenge!



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