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Best Pay To Click (PTC) site – $0.75 per click

Posted by atreyee on December 5, 2009

Pay to click sites are often very popular among the internet marketers, online researchers, and such other groups. Now what makes them popular is the payout check. And who doesn’t want to make fast money?

All this while, you may have tried out sites that pay a low amount for clicking on their products or services. Unbelievable but true, here comes the highest paying pay to click site REALCASHPTC.  When registering onto other sites gives you a meager $0.01 to $0.05 per click, this site credits your account with a whopping $0.75 per click. The amazing part about this site is its payout scale. A simple Lower Nursery kid can churn out the calculation that you don’t need more than 2 clicks to reach out your minimum payout, which is fixed at $1. Register now to get your pay check soon

If that’s not all, you can advertise your products or services out here with three forms of advertising:

Advanced Advertising – With this form of advertising, you can add filters, such as the geographic locations for which your products are aimed at. For instance, you don’t want people from a non-English speaking country as your target audience, you can easily filter them out through this process. However, you need to have a account to use this feature. Get your account now

Standard Advertising – Don’t want the hassles of creating an account with No issues at all… You can still use the standard form of advertising to promote your products or services to a far-reaching audience. Here, you may take notice that the statistics are limited only to the number of clicks that your product fetches you.

Banner Advertising – Colorful banners with striking messages is what forms a part of banner advertising at Here again, you need to have an account to use this feature. Get your account now

Register or Advertise – the choice is yours. Whatever be it, you are guaranteed to write the road to success!!!


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