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Infosys layoffs 2009 : getting rid of white elephants

Posted by atreyee on April 13, 2009

IT sector seems the maximum hurt following Satyam fiasco and global slowdown. Global IT giant IBM has dismissed many side employees. Indian IT biggies too are showing the door to many of their recent recruits.


Infosys, India’s premier IT Company, has not shown promise in the last quarter. It is facing some monetary hassle. To minimize the effect, there is comprehensive plan for Infosys 2009 Layoffs. This means that Infosys is going to sack it’s new and probation employees this year. This may be harsh to the latter’s future. But practical sense has to prevail.


Infosys layoffs will be at the rate of 5% of the total employees. This is a steep rise from the previous 1.5%. The reason being given for Infosys layoff 2009 is non-performance. Infosys fires come at a crucial world economic junction. Even a few core non-performing employees will be dismissed. This will be done secretly and many top-notch officials will not have any prior information for fear of leaks.


According to Infosys news, the company is not willing to carry white elephants any more and so Infosys firing employees is but natural. The other companies have written off as many as 4000 employees off their payroll.


Just as the good-for-nothing Ultimatix was replaced by Automatix some time back, Infosys must be having alternative plans.



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Space shuttle launch delayed

Posted by atreyee on March 12, 2009

When Kennedy space center is set alight for a space shuttle launch, the world simply looks at it with awe but it’s quite a spoiler when NASA delays such ambitious missions. It is widely believed that a fuel leak canceled the space shuttle launch. Space shuttle launch march 11 has been neatly procrastinated to no sooner than 15th of March.


Hours prior to the launch of Discovery, it was found out that Hydrogen gas was leaking from the space shuttle. Though NASA has suggested along the lines of trying a re-launch on Sunday, it seems that Discovery would not leave for space prior to Monday.


On being asked to comment, NASA officials said that they needed to complete the electrification system of the space shuttle before taking a chance with it. Discovery space shuttle launch schedule 2009 has already been delayed by a month owing to technical glitches here and there.


Discovery, when settled and thrown into space, will deliver its final set of truss and solar panel wings to the platform. Once the electrification is being done, the space shuttle crew will be augmented further and Discovery would accommodate 6 people. Presently, the crew is only limited to three people. and Nasa TV have suggested that the space shuttle launch would be a 14 day mission which would establish the S6 truss segment on the starboard. ISS crew rotation is seemingly another very important aspect of the launch and would alight Japan’s first resident crew member in space.



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Dancing with the stars season 8: Blazing a remarkable trail

Posted by atreyee on February 9, 2009


At 8 PM eastern time on March 9th, Dancing with the Stars Season 8 will premiere. The two-hour premiere will showcase 13 celebrities who will be making their presence felt this summer. Rumor mills are working overtime on who may be there in the list. Dancing with the Stars new cast may confirm of names like Kevin Federline, Cindy McCain and Sherry Shepherd.


For the uninitiated, Brooke Burke and Derek Hough have lapped the coveted crown in the 7th season of Dancing with the Stars. It had been some real fun with the celebrities strutting their stuff in a no-holds-barred way. This time, Misty May-Treanor is grabbing all the news.


Dancing with the stars 2009 will again bring to the fore the mercurial talents of Misty. She was doing extremely well till she got ominously hurt last season and had to call it quits. Speculations are rife that she will be making the cut once again this season.


Unofficial polls suggest that Ralph Macchio is the contestant most people are looking for.


As for the judges, a name that’s doing the rounds is Carrie Ann Alba. She might be taking the coveted position for Dancing with the Stars Season 8. She is an accomplished dancer and a muchsought-after choreographer in the industry.


Macy’s Stars of Dance is yet another climactic feature that’s bound to raise a lot of zeal. It features the top dancers and choreographers of the present and past generation.

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Jesus in India: Is it true?

Posted by atreyee on December 23, 2008

Jesus in India is a documentary that was premiered on the Sundance channel on Monday, 22nd December, 2008. Jesus in India features Edward T. Martin, who is an author of repute hailing from the land of Texas. He shares a deep interest in the life of Jesus Christ and has framed two books on the subject, namely, King of Travelers: Jesus’ Lost Years in India and Jesus in India: King of Wisdom. The documentary further describes Martin’s journey through the Asian continent with an intense attempt to discover the truth about Christ’s assumed halt in India.


Jesus in India is also prone to a lot of criticism as it stresses on the idea that the teachings of Christ is somewhat based on Buddhism and/or Hinduism. For an ardent believer of Christianity it is hard to dissolve that Jesus, being the son of God would travel to India for the purpose of learning rather than teaching.


Then, what is Jesus in India all about?


jesus11Holster Kersten’s book, ‘Jesus Lived in India’ offers nerve-racking evidence on the fact that Christ lived in India after Crucifixion. The author goes on to describe in his book that Christ traveled extensively post Crucifixion and arrived in India with Mother Mary and it is in Kashmir that his death and entombment took place.


A scholar from Russia, Nicolai Notovich was the first one to suggest that Christ may have lived in India. He further emphasizes on this fact by giving a brief account on his travel to India. During one of the several journeys to the Orient, Notovich arrived in Kashmir and stayed as a guest in one of the Buddhist monasteries. It is here, a monk told him about the bodhisattva saint called Issa. During the course of time, the scholar was amazed to find remarkable resemblance between the teachings and martyrdom of Issa with that of the life, teachings and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. He also claimed that Christ traveled throughout Persia, Turkey, and Western Europe. His final destination was India where he was venerated as a great prophet, saint and reformer by an appreciative population who took deep interest in his teachings. He also took his last breath in the divine land and was buried in a tomb out there.


Feel free to share your views and opinions.

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Calamity strikes with Denver plane crash on Saturday night

Posted by atreyee on December 21, 2008


A continental plane crash at Denver airport on Saturday night at around 6:20 pm (local time) grabs the top spot on Denver news today. As many as 38 people were reported to be injured, though the exact figure has not yet been known.


Soon after the plane took off from the Denver airport runway, it caught fire. A large number of passengers were trapped in the plane crash, out of which 100 individuals were believed to evacuate on emergency slides. The only relief in this case according to Denver International Airport manager Kim Day, “None of the injuries was considered life-threatening.”


Laura Brown, a Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman claimed that the plane was a Boeing 737 and was heading towards Houston. The cause of Denver crash is yet to be known by one and all, however the spokeswoman further claimed, “The weather was cold but not snowy; roads to the airport were dry.”  According to Corsaro, the plane seems to have slid into a ditch and caught fire soon after the plane crashed. Some even blamed the Denver plane crash on weather, while others chose to defend the statement claiming that the roads were dry.


We sincerely hope that the Almighty bless those harmed in the Denver plane crash with speedy recoveries!



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