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Billu Barber suffers name barbs; gets full houses

Posted by atreyee on February 13, 2009


Billu barber is the story of a small time village hair-cutter Bilas Rao Pardesi and his tryst with destiny, in a different way. He and wife Bindiya (played by Lara Dutta) have serious budgetary constraints and can hardly carry their lives. Enters Sahir khan, the superstar, (played by Sharukh Khan) for shooting item numbers in Billu’s village. Shah Rukh plays himself. News spreads like forest fire that billu and Sahir were intimates in childhood and thus, much like what Priyadarshan does so beautifully, a restrained mayhem starts.


Om Puri, Rasika Joshi and many other key actors start helping Billu for the small favor of getting a sneak peak of the superstar. Billu is himself quite apprehensive about the friendship as the hiatus between the childhood and present seems to be too large.


Billu barber review will be incomplete without mentioning the role of credits. Manisha Korde’s dialogues are a revelation but Priyadarshan has a hard time countering the thin plot line. Gulzar’s lyrics help and so do the item numbers by Deepika, Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra. Shah Rukh Khan plays himself and packs what only he can but the role does not offer him challenges. Irrfan khan as Billu is a delight.


What disturbs in the plotline is why there are no past references or a few snapshots and flash backs from their past to attest the friendship that Billu and Sahir shared through their childhood.


Some sheen has been removed from Billu Barber Movie with the pre- controversy about ‘Barber’ being a derogatory term. The movie will open as only “Billu”. Despite all the hoopla, Billu should be a fascinating watch.



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