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Good Friday 2009 – redefining martyrdom

Posted by atreyee on April 10, 2009


Good Friday or Black Friday commemorates the event of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. A few suggest that Good’s connotation is God while other Catholics believe that the word has to do with the idea of selfless sacrifice and martyrdom.


Good Friday 2009 will be no different. It is about to be celebrated with same hype and frenzy. It’s a day of observing fast and sending out Good Friday wishes and Good Friday quotes. Good Friday is observed a couple of days before Easter Sunday. Good Friday throws light on the festival of love, vitality and spirit. It shows the power of giving yourself up for a noble cause.


If the founder of Christianity could do it, the followers of Christianity can try it too. Good Friday quotes are prevalent in all parts of the world. Christians are flushed with Good Friday wishes perched on their lips and Good Friday Easter Sunday on their souls. The Good Friday Easter Sunday connection is part of the Paschal Triduum and often intercepts the Passover.


A few believe that Jesus was crucified in 33 AD while celebrated scientist Newton believes that it was 34 AD. However it might stand, we have celebrated nearly couple of thousands of years of Jesus Good Friday.


Try knowing more about Good Friday and keep Good Friday greetings handy. The Jesus wave is about to strike.


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