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Disney weddings

Posted by atreyee on March 10, 2009

So you have been craving for a generous wedding day. You have even planned to have a blast. Disney weddings provide you the chance to live your life in those freezing moments – That belong to your Disney wedding.

Disney wedding dresses

With twelve years of genuine experience, Kirsty Kelly is the pinning girl of Disney town. White is the color of the Disney wedding dresses, and the color is an epitome of grace. You would be given wide choices in bridal gowns. They start from tulle and go up to satin and even Chantilly. The brocades are embellished with crystals and layered beads.

There are some Disney characters that have immortalized the Disney wedding dresses. The list starts with Cinderella. There are five more options including Sleeping Beauty.

Disney wedding packages

If you have planned for a Disney wedding, it is likely that you are not having monetary hassles. This is a once in a lifetime show and demands classic touch. Disney wedding promises you that. Starting from 15, 000, the Disney wedding packages end close to 45,000 dollars for the D-Day. You will have a Disney backdrop (sleeping beauty castle).

The Disney characters will punctuate your wedding. Replete with great menu, wine, cocktail and starters, the food is a riot. There is soothing live music all round with the musicians accompanying you. There are the fine prints like the Cinderella carriage and a bed of roses to make the day special.

The day of the bride

In the man-oriented world, wedding is a vital exception. The brides take the cake here. Disney dream weddings are just the stuff to invest in for the day in your life’s calendar. Bejeweled and bedecked, when you walk up to the aisle, you feel on top of this world. Your marriage is aptly stylized as a Disney world wedding.






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