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Gmail new features introduce inline image support

Posted by atreyee on April 13, 2009


Google, the king of innovation, has added yet another arrow to its quiver. Gmail new feature refers to inline images. It was expected that it is only a matter of time when Google adds inline images

Google users may now add inline images in Gmail without much fuss and enthrall the reader. For those who wish to email inline images, they may choose the embedded heading from the list of features. The toolbar will show the option as a result. Now the user may choose the image directly from his image collections and add in the email. He may also add URL that translates into the image on the receiver’s side. 

Gmail inline image support has made Google’s emphasis on interface projections stronger. This is going to add clients for Google. Also, there will be an increase in designers who will create specific inline image designs and capitalize later.    

Presently, however, Google needs the sender’s PC to be richly formatted. Else the icon may not show up. There is scope for only one image attachment per mail now. And the receiver should also be having strongly formatted system. 

This is just the start and one assumes that when you send pictures inline in near future, the recipient will certainly have a visual delight to enjoy.


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