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Gudi padwa 2009 – Heralding a new beginning

Posted by atreyee on March 26, 2009

What’s celebrated with aplomb as Ugadi in Deccan is treated with great affection in Maharashtra too… Here it is known as Gudi padwa. The gudi padwa festival marks the commencement of New Year according to the Hindu lunisolar calendar. Gudi padwa, Maharashtra is a celebration of harvest, knowledge, fragrance and well-being.


The wave of gudi padwa 2009 has started. Gudi padwa greetings and gudi padwa wallpapers are already afloat. Maharashtrians are busy preparing for the gudi padwa ritual of creating bamboo staffs with silk cloth. The significance of gudi padwa is celebration of achievement and thus the people of Maharashtra add a garlanded goblet to the silk cloth to mark victory. The Hindu festival of gudi padwa is celebrated with gudi padwa recipes.


Top gudi padwa recipe is also a major “prasad”. It comprises of jaggery, neem and gram pulse. Already, people are beginning to imagine the essence of srikhand puri, which will be another top recipe for gudi padwa 2009.


Young people love the feeling of new attire, good food and holidays. Gudi padwa festival also marks the advent of school holidays.


The people from the Sahyadri hills are eagerly anticipating this Hindu festival. Let’s hope that this year too the festival is a super success.



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