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Infosys layoffs 2009 : getting rid of white elephants

Posted by atreyee on April 13, 2009

IT sector seems the maximum hurt following Satyam fiasco and global slowdown. Global IT giant IBM has dismissed many side employees. Indian IT biggies too are showing the door to many of their recent recruits.


Infosys, India’s premier IT Company, has not shown promise in the last quarter. It is facing some monetary hassle. To minimize the effect, there is comprehensive plan for Infosys 2009 Layoffs. This means that Infosys is going to sack it’s new and probation employees this year. This may be harsh to the latter’s future. But practical sense has to prevail.


Infosys layoffs will be at the rate of 5% of the total employees. This is a steep rise from the previous 1.5%. The reason being given for Infosys layoff 2009 is non-performance. Infosys fires come at a crucial world economic junction. Even a few core non-performing employees will be dismissed. This will be done secretly and many top-notch officials will not have any prior information for fear of leaks.


According to Infosys news, the company is not willing to carry white elephants any more and so Infosys firing employees is but natural. The other companies have written off as many as 4000 employees off their payroll.


Just as the good-for-nothing Ultimatix was replaced by Automatix some time back, Infosys must be having alternative plans.



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