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What’s happening on World Environment Day 2009?

Posted by atreyee on June 3, 2009

In Stockholm Conference, 1972, the question of pollution and environmental issues was first put vividly. Since then, UN globally designated 5th June as World Environment Day (WED) globally by UN. This is the day when the environment experts meet at a center and help plan for natural problems. This sketches out World Environment Day history.

Relevant topics over the years

Deforestation, Ozone hole, Haley’s comet, and Nuke pollution are some of the topics keenly discussed over the years. Of late, the matter of global warming has gained grounds. World Environment Day 2009 is all about debating on how to handle environment concerns with compassion. There will also be talk on ‘unity of community’. One and all will have to take positive environmental measures. The emphasis will be on fostering partnerships.  

Environment theme

The World Environment day theme 2009 is – “Your Planet Needs You-UNite to Combat Climate Change”. Notice the play with the word ‘UNite’, clearly demarcating that UN is serious about making the planet a beautiful place.

There will be widespread World Environment Day activities around the world.  Egypt’s slogan is simple and compact – ‘Green is good’. In Australia and UK, places where pollution is on the rise, trees will be planted alongside many houses. Students all over have been encouraged to actively participate in making the planet green.


Eminent environmentalists will be awarded for their continual brilliant work. There will be discussions on making global warming common knowledge. But it remains to be seen whether World Environment Day celebrations will hold out positive news for future.


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